Acoustic Measurements

Acoustic Measurements

Types of measurements, which Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp conducts are:

Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp provides a wide range of acoustic measurement services regarding sound transmission, reverberation, reflection, diffusion, absorption, vibration, and other acoustic metrics. Acoustic measurement services are often employed for environmental impact studies, determining levels of occupational noise, compliance with noise ordinances, and determining solutions to architectural acoustics design problems.

At Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp, undertaking professionally the act of subjecting to experimental test in order to determine how well something works and determine the presence or properties of sound or its coefficients or components is done with pristine passion. Acoustic measurement services provide accurate information used both to diagnose actual acoustical issues and in predictive acoustical modeling. We must clearly understand that by simply taking noise level measurements in the area where workplace activities are in process is not enough. Those readings cannot easily give you levels that are too high or worse yet, too low!

Types of measurements Include:
  • Background Noise Levels.
  • Normalized Empirical Room Absorption.
  • Sound Transmission Class-STC.
  • Field Sound Transmission Class-FSTC.
  • T60 and Reverberation Time.
  • Transmission Loss-TL,
  • Outside Inside Transmission Class-OITC.
  • Field Transmission Loss-FTL.
  • Noise Rating-NR.
  • Impact Insulation Class-IIC.
  • Field Impact Insulation Class-FIIC.
  • Ambient Climatic Conditions-ACC.
  • Equipment System Gain-ESG.
  • Absorption Coefficient-AC.
  • System Architecture-SA.
  • Early, early sound. Structure-borne sound conditions-EES.
  • Sound levels from different source of noise - domestic and municipal.
  • Sound spectral analyzing
  • Vibrations of partition elements, machines and equipment.
  • Difference of sound levels between different premises.
  • Reverberation time in premises.
  • Sound absorption of materials and constructions in laboratorial conditions.
  • Laboratory index of sound insulation against airborne noise Rw of walls and ceilings.
  • Laboratory index of sound insulation against impact noise Ln,w of floors.
  • Development and testing of sound absorption and sound insulating materials.
  • Indoor &Outdoor Noise Control.
  • Assistive Listening Devices.
  • OSHA, FDA, ADA Compliance.
  • On-Site Audio, Video, Lighting &Acoustical Analysis.
  • Acoustical Design & Consulting with Matching Performance Technologies.
  • Room Analysis with Complete System Architecture.
  • Others: Airborne and Impact Sound Isolation per BOCA / SBCCI / UBC Meets UBC 2-3 requirements consisting of ASTM E90, E336, E1007, C423,E1332 and E966 with speaker generated signal and tapper.
We provide Expert Advice with solution: Talk about your sound or noise problem, whether it involves air handling equipment or upstairs neighbors or club music or a small classroom or that tap dance even whilst asleep or the loudspeaker in the nearby temple, we provide expert advice with stark solution.

Project Deliverables: We are able to deliver to you detailed information in spread sheet and graphic formats.

Financials or Commercials: Each test will carry different pricing; a bundle package is available as per the requirement of the application. Contact us, we will work it out. Email: or call +91-40-27711266.