Acoustical Designing by Apocalypse

Acoustical Design

Remember, Acoustical design directly affects the quality of the structures or space you build. At Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp, our firm’s consultants provide acoustical design services to architects, engineers, facilities directors, and building owners for acoustically demanding spaces. Achieving optimum acoustical design requires timely design decisions regarding size and shape of spaces and the materials to be used in those spaces. Our Consultants are often engaged upfront in conceptual design and pre construction phases for acoustical analysis and stark solutions.

Our Consultants at Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp diagnose potential acoustical design complexities, its problems and solve them before those problems are built into new complete structures. As acoustical & applied design consultants, we review architectural design plans, research applicable noise ordinances, run sound analysis, conduct building site evaluations, and use sophisticated acoustical modeling software to deliver the required standard optimal solutions. Our firm also specializes in the audio-visual design with cabling and rigging infrastructure to ensure optimal sound quality for performance and more effectual presentation spaces.

Our acoustical & applied design consultants also provide design services for finished buildings and retrofit projects with acoustical challenges. We help ensure architectural spaces perform acoustically the way you desire and require, inside and out.

And as independent acoustical design consultants, we don’t represent any product manufacturers, suppliers, or other service providers. Accordingly, clients or end users of our firm are assured our recommendations are free from bias and focused only on the best solutions for the issues at hand.

Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp provides the following acoustical design services:
  • Planning and pre-construction consultation
  • Design for adaptive-reuse and retrofit projects
  • Design for existing structures with acoustical problems
  • Acoustical site analysis
  • Regulatory and ordinance compliance
  • Forensic acoustical design services
  • Speech Intelligibility for Broadband Frequency.

Specialist Acoustical Services Include:
  • Acoustic Induced Vibration
  • Consumer Appliance Acoustic Testing
  • Noise Isolation with Speech Privacy for Corporate, Government, Educational, Law Enforcement, Media & Health Data Centers
  • Environmental, Occupational & Event Noise
  • Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH)
  • Rail, Aero, Marine & Ship Acoustics
  • Audio, Video System Design with Cabling and Rigging Infrastructure.
  • Turbine & Wind Noise.

Whatever Your Needs, Wherever Your Location:

Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp offers the full spectrum of comprehensive designing services needed to respond to your noise, vibration and acoustical consulting requirements. Whatever your needs, wherever your location around the world, our team of acousticians are willing, able and ready. Whether it’s to support and advice for regulatory noise assessments and approvals; expertise in solving demanding vibration control and isolation challenges; design skills in meeting acoustical privacy needs, expert testimony for noise related dispute resolutions; or more. We provide the quick responsive and cost-effective acoustical design & engineering solutions, advanced technology resources and project management skills that have made us a trustworthy, long-term acoustical partner to our clients’ world-wide since 1999.


  • I need an assessment or approval or a second opinion.
  • I want to design for enhanced acoustics.
  • I want to design the space for a Gymnasium and a multipurpose hall.
  • I want to design for good acoustics, clear audio, no noise and proper vibration control.
  • I want to solve an existing noise or vibration problem.
  • I need dispute resolution support and data.
  • I need to develop noise and vibration standards and policies according to Govt of India Amendments.
  • I want to learn about acoustic signature, noise and vibration issues.
  • I Want to Learn about Sound and its Behavior in Spaces.