ELECTRO ACOUSTICS: Acoustics & Sound by Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp


Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp specializes primarily, in designing and incorporating today’s cutting edge architectural design with acoustic perfection for electroacoustics systems within a specific spatial setting, Architectural Acoustics means melding and incorporating the acoustical properties of a space within the physical boundaries (room shape, materialization, uses) presented in a turnkey project. In doing so each turnkey project receives its own unique and unparalleled signature.

Spaces and facilities designed and engineered by Apocalypse are world-class and are sure to join a prestigious list of successful clients-Threshold of Salvation.

Secondarily, At Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp, our AV, media engineers and consultants have adept knowledge of room acoustics and environmental acoustics as it affects the propagation of sound. They also have expertise in sound reinforcement products and the installation of those products. They must combine their knowledge in these two areas to provide:

  • Adequate sound level
  • Uniform coverage
  • Improved speech intelligibility
  • Enhanced music performance
  • Invisible audio systems
  • Visible Video & Imaging Systems

Since the designing process is plan driven, includes cost, technology, application, equipment, effectiveness, functionality and dependability etc. we work out on it and is presented to the end-user or the client giving him choices to choose from as per requirements. We do help and support the end user or our customer in right selection of equipment and devices.

We provide Expert Advice with solution: Talk about your design and passion, whether it involves high energy audio system or the upstairs neighbor’s home theatre or club music or a small classroom or that tap dance studio or the loudspeaker design in the sanctuary, we provide expert advice with stark dependable solutions.

Project Deliverables: We are able to deliver to you detailed information in spread sheet with calculations, simulations and graphic formats.

Financials or Commercials: Each test will carry different pricing; a bundle package is available as per the requirement of the application. Contact us, we will work it out. Email: apocalypse@consultant.com or call +91-40-27711266.