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Entertainment, Sports & Recreation: Stadiums, Arenas and Theme Parks:

Designing a space to accommodate large groups of people and provide clear, natural sound is always a major challenge and it is considered as an art.

Blending the right space for the right entertainment or the right theatre experience for the right cinema is the cerebration process applied by Apocalypse and its associates. Be it the acoustic signature for the space, the design theme for the wall or the entire audio system with wave guide solutions, we are there.

Above all venues need a different and unique approach. All projects require additional care in reducing echo and providing clear sound above huge noises from crowd. Also have to take care of tonal strength with clarity in announcements in case of emergency situations. You have a requirement of quality sound, we have the solution.

No matter how large the space or how varied the application or how challenging the acoustics of your space, whether it is an indoor solution or an outdoors or a portable solution that you are looking for, we have the resolves.

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