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As Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp, we are pioneers in the field of sound systems (Electro Acoustics) design, and we specialize in audio for high-performance spaces since 1999. We render intricate systems design & engineering that includes:

  • Sound reinforcement.
  • Concert systems.
  • Multipurpose Installed Systems
  • Club & High Power Entertainment Gigs.
  • Audio Solutions for House of Worships.
  • Speech Intelligibility & Pristine Clarity.
  • Multipurpose, Multilevel & Distributed Audio.
  • Networked digital audio riding on converged networks
  • Control systems/production intercom systems
  • Recording and Production studios
  • Portable Audio Projection Devices.
  • Mass Notification & Emergency Communication Systems.

We are skilled in advanced computer modeling suites such as EASE, Smaart Live, Acoustic Tools, and SysTune, which predicts sound waves within a space.

Cabling Infrastructure

It’s simple to imagine the benefits of trusting a single firm to provide the communications infrastructure for your project. A simplified infrastructure helps reduce overhead and clients ultimately experience significant savings by taking a unified, coordinated approach. Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp practices this holistic approach to cabling and data infrastructure, including:

  • Complete cabling Design and Layout-Pre or Post Project.
  • Vertical and horizontal cabling trench and pathway designing.
  • Grounding For Electrical (Interference or Return)
  • Cabling layouts for Audio, Video, Lighting, Surveillance & Electrical transmission.
  • 2-way radio infrastructure with Paging.
  • Fire & Emergency Communication Systems.
  • Networking Points for Transmission and Live Streaming.

Our prime focus is on the backbone, meaning that we design everything except what we call “the blinking lights”–the communications, the transmission routers, decoders, encoders, streaming devices, storage devices, the computers, phones, switches, and active devices, the emergency devices, the lighting devices which are probably not the point of so much concern to you, but to it means a lot.


We love that lighting is a rapidly changing field, offering some of the biggest advances in performance technology. This means you have more and more options to animate your venue. Our theatrical and house lighting services include:

  • Complete Stage Lighting Solutions.
  • Complete Rigging and Trussing Solutions.
  • Power and control distribution systems.
  • Layouts for mounting positions.
  • Performance Area Lighting Designing.
  • Catwalk and pipe grid design.
  • Fixture and equipment packages.
  • Work light and running light systems.
  • Lighting design plot and system handover.

Our lighting design services focus on setting you up for day one and beyond with a clear plan for expansion as your needs grow.

High End Video, Transmission & Beyond.

We believe that video is an unmatchable powerful tool in presenting, storytelling, portraying and communication. Video has the power to tell a story, capture and transmit that story, and communicate back and forth in incredibly meaningful ways. We provide comprehensive video design that includes:

  • HD and 4k production control suites
  • Network broadcast/ENG cabling
  • Live Webcast/broadcast studios
  • Large-screen video displays/LED or projection
  • Large-scale image warping and blending on surfaces
  • 3D forced perspective image mapping
  • IPTV and digital signage systems
  • Distance learning or telepresence or video conferencing…We do it.
  • Virtual collaboration technology
  • Digital media archiving
  • High End IMAG Recording, Broadcast, Production, Transmission or Storage.

We design comprehensive interconnectivity that allows the visual experience to go beyond the walls of a space. Whether screens are internal, external, or handheld, Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp can have an impact on each one. We consult on layout, pre or post project critical adjacencies, and overall workflow in broadcast or production spaces in order to support your team.

High End Surveillance:

Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp provides a detailed range of security system design services, including:

  • video surveillance systems
  • electronic access control
  • intrusion detection
  • Mass notification systems.
  • Digital storage solutions.

We collaborate closely with your security and life safety teams to provide security systems design and documentation that meets your standards and risk assessment evaluations. We do not provide risk assessment services, but we work carefully with your assessors to ensure the appropriate equipment is placed in the necessary locations.

Auditorium Designing

We are a leading provider of auditorium or theatre or sanctuary consulting and design for experiences that audiences never forget.

Some of our auditorium or theatrical consulting services include:

  • Size, volume, form, and stage-to-audience relationship.
  • Seating, layout, and sightlines.
  • Stage layout and movable elements.
  • Audience, artist, and technical circulation.
  • Backstage and front-of-house planning.
  • Rehearsal and production support space design.
  • Cabling and Rigging system design.
  • Electro & Musical Acoustics.

We also offer in-house photorealistic rendering and 3D printing capability in order to convey auditorium design, acoustical, and technical concepts to our clients. We have found these tools vital in communicating concepts to project stakeholders. We also design sophisticated theatrical equipment systems, from simple stage setups to complex systems that transform venues.

Our other technical services include:

  • stage machinery and rigging systems
  • theatre grids and galleries
  • canopies and drapery systems
  • pit lifts
  • wagons and seating systems
  • choral and orchestral shells
  • adjustable acoustic elements

We are especially engaged in the creation of theatrical equipment for multi-use entertainment venues with competing performance needs.

Our team of professional is highly skilled and has received degrees, training, and comprehensive field experience in traditional auditorium and theater. In the process of creating several hundred high-production worship spaces, we have established our expertise, and along the way, we have become adept at designing the essential and distinguishing attribute of lineament. Threshold of Salvation.

Remember, Successful projects start with a well-developed plan. Our designers help their clients in the initial evaluation and development program / requirements summary, advising them of the many variables and stages of site selection, design development, timetables, budgets and construction documentation.

Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp provides project management and on site supervision. Equipment choices, which are often highly subjective, are discussed and evaluated while maintaining realistic budget and client expectations. Our Stark engineers and designers are well versed in the professional audio industry innovative advances. We keep track of relevant trends in the marketplace in order to intelligently guide client decisions.

We provide Expert Advice with solution: Talk about your design and passion, whether it involves high energy audio system or the upstairs neighbor’s home theatre or club music or a small classroom or that tap dance studio or the loudspeaker design in the sanctuary, we provide expert advice with stark dependable solutions.

Project Deliverables: We are able to deliver to you detailed information in spread sheet with calculations, simulations and graphic formats.

Financials or Commercials: Each test will carry different pricing; a bundle package is available as per the requirement of the application. Contact us, we will work it out. Email: apocalypse@consultant.com or call +91-40-27711266.