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At Apocalypse Acoustics Sciences Corp we exercise our mind to multifarious thinking process to zero on the complete perfection.

Planning-cognitive process of thinking as an architect for a new space or building or remodel is responsible to work out in advance on paper most all of the dreams and nightmares that accompany the building of a room or space.

Planning-cognitive process of thinking as an acoustic engineer, to the design team early in the design stage insures that the sound and noise will work for the room or the space.

Planning-cognitive process of thinking as an audio engineer, reviewing the architectural plans and “redlines” or making comments and suggestions about improving the acoustical aspects of the design with acoustic signature of the space.

Planning-cognitive process of thinking as an electrical engineer understanding the load factor required for each required equipment, to be installed with proper provisions and including today’s technology with scalability for tomorrow.

Conceptualization in Success is in the detail, from not putting toilets on the same wall as altar or the high energy room on the same floor of private room, or a class room and the day care adjacent to each other or the cafeteria to which way office doors open or the dj console located at the main entrance.

Formulation of Expression is Vital in Design & Planning of a Project to attain perfection.

House of Worships: Churches, Synagogues, Mosques & Temples: #Blended to #Perfection.Remember, Media and audio systems play a major role in house of worships.

But solutions for house of worships need special approach as each project is unique and different in every aspect and faces bewildering array of challenges. These challenges may involve customized equipment choices, unique system positioning and complex layout or design parameters specific to each project. The key to ensure successful results is working with an adept and experienced team who can assist with every single step that is required. We at, Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp can assist you in each and every possible way from consulting to maintenance and warranty.

We know the prominence and importance of providing your congregation or members with clear, undistorted and feedback-free sound. Whether you are preaching or singing we will make sure that your message will be heard emphatically and distinctly.

Pro and Home Cinema Solutions: #Gratified to #Perfection

Our approach to designing a Cinema Solution or a Home Theater or a whole-home audio/video system revolves around the end users needs and desires for direct control, function and form. Whether you are interested in all the latest technological advances, or require high quality equipment in a simple package, our specialty is tailoring those needs to your ecstatic world. Today, many have a dream of a mini multiplex in their home and we are here to fulfill that dream of yours, by clubbing with world's leading renowned brands offering you a full-size theater experience in your own living room.

The ideal time to consider a home theater is while a home is being designed by architect or at least with the knowledge that an existing room may need to be re-designed to create the home theater ambiance and Channeling unique and memorable sonic experience in to your world.

We At Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp are experienced and are adeptly trained technical team for designing, support and premium installs.

Sports & Recreation: Stadiums, Arenas and Theme Parks:

Above all venues need a different and unique approach. All projects require additional care in reducing echo and providing clear sound above huge noises from crowd. Also have to take care of tonal strength with clarity in announcements in case of emergency situations. You have a requirement of quality sound, we have the solution. No matter how large the space or how varied the application or how challenging the acoustics of your space, whether it is an indoor solution or an outdoors or a portable solution that you are looking for, we have the resolves.

Pleasure & Entertainment: High Energy Entertainment-Clubs & Lounge:

High Energy music plays vital role in clubs and pubs and music makes them resilient & live, so right character of quality sound is required there. Even in Lounge or Restos back ground music create the perfect atmosphere for the diners. But for installing right quality sound we face a lot of challenges like Noise, echo, reach-ability of sound in even to each and every nook and corner without disturbing the beat and the rhythm.

Reducing the echo and delivering of clarity sound is secondary challenge. Primarily Noise Isolation and Vibration control at dance clubs and pubs is our specialization. Our team has more than a decade's experience in handling all this complications and problems; we deliver the finest solution for each and every project regarding the quantity and size of the project.

Educational & Corporate: Boardrooms, Conference & Training Rooms:

The most important part of sound installation in conference or meeting room is delivering crystal clear sound without early or late reflections, echoes and noise. We are keen in installations as the noise from the guests and room echo will adversely affect the speech clarity. Our technicians keep all these points in mind and are capable to produce a complete and perfect solution for each and every project.

We also have a range of acoustic and audio solutions for different size rooms or venues and are able to cover a main conference venue or a board room. Whatever your requirement, from a small seminar to large multi day conference, we are able to provide a cost effective solution.

Paging & Communication: Transportation, Offices, Industries & Universities:

We offer complete solutions for designing the acoustic signature, installing projectors and digital interactive smart boards in classrooms and lecture theaters along with full implementation of sound systems with recording, broadcasting capabilities. We also provide a distributed zoned audio/video systems that can cover every corridor and every classroom or lecture theater for paging and announcements with priority emergency communication.

In every project we make sure that the administration and teaching staff are part of the consultation process to ensure that any every equipment such as projectors, interactive smart boards, speakers, digital signage, LCD’s and connection points for laptops or other digital devices are installed at the right positions in a tidy manner as possible and are simple to use.

Leisure Spaces: Commercial & Retail Spaces, Auditoriums, Malls:

Designing a space to accommodate large groups of people and provide clear, natural sound is always a major challenge. Retail Spaces and Malls take a lot of planning. Creating a positive atmosphere and having the right facilities to keep your customers interested in coming back are key factors. Background music along with the right music content helps create the atmosphere. Clean quality music that permeates very clearly across the space is a must for all malls. The sound system may also be used for making promotional announcements.

At Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp the sound systems (Choose your Brands) are installed by our engineers directly who will also train your staff on using the system after the installation. And of course, the systems after installation are maintained by our support team by, visiting your site regularly for its optimal performance.

We provide Expert Advice with solution: Talk about your sound or noise problem, whether it involves air handling equipment or upstairs neighbors or club music or a small classroom or that tap dance classes or the loudspeaker in the nearby temple, we provide expert advice with stark solution.

Project Deliverables: We are able to deliver to you detailed information in spread sheet with calculations, simulations and graphic formats.

Financials or Commercials: Each test will carry different pricing; a bundle package is available as per the requirement of the application. Contact us, we will work it out. Email: or call +91-40-27711266.