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At Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp, we have since 18 years we have delivered top-notch residential & commercial AV, media system design and setup for some of the most effective training modules, classes and learning environments in today’s world. We provide end to end solutions with training for every solution we have undertaken and completed. Our innovative AV solutions for technical, administrative and maintenance training rooms empower volunteers, employees and trainers by providing access to a wide range of state-of-the-art tools, including: Stage One.

  • Complete basic Training Modules for understanding the system architecture.
  • System standard operation procedures with risk factors.
  • Today’s leading software & hardware training solutions
  • High definition video & audio conferencing for virtual training
  • Interactive displays and collaborative devices
  • Better management & delivery of video content for collaborative learning
  • Various training models (facilitate flipped, virtual, hybrid and active)
  • Training room equipment & furniture (chairs, tables, podiums, etc.)

Custom media, AV Integration with Innovative Solutions from our Team at Apocalypse Acoustic Sciences Corp.

Stage Two: Simple Sound System Goals-Training & Tuning.

The goal for tuning a sound system is very simple: provide the same sound in every seat. Setting the master EQ at the mix position does not meet this goal. Instead, we need an order of operations to help us make changes that will benefit the entire listening area, or at least mitigate this damage. That includes:

Driver functionality and polarity
Speaker aim and splay
Speaker level and crossover

It might seem like you don’t have 15 minutes to spare to check all of this, but remember this universal rule: if we verify every element of the sound system, nothing will go wrong, but if we skip any one part, it will fail and hysteria will spread.

Stage Three: Professional Sound System Setup: Driver Functionality & Polarity

Do you think a lighting technician starts running a show without making sure that all of their instruments work? No! Better make sure all of your speakers are playing what they are supposed to play.

  1. Set all outputs to unity.
  2. Play pink noise and isolate one speaker at a time. In this setup we are unable to solo individual drivers, but do it if you can.
  3. Is output X playing from speaker/driver X? If not, track it down. Many times it’s just a case of faulty patching. If you’ve got lines wrong inside of a closed box, you’re going to need more than 15 minutes. You may need to get your head close and listen to each one. This is best done with an assistant to guard and operate the mixing board. Repeat for each speaker/driver.
  4. Measure phase response on your dual channel analyzer at the on-axis point of each speaker/driver. If the phase trace is around 0°, that’s normal phase. If it’s at 180°, that’s inverted. Is output X phase response what you expected? Polarity inversion is often cause by an improperly wired cable or by the use of a gender turn-around.

Knowledge Base: Key Links

UNDERSTANDING LIVE SOUND SYSTEMS:https://theproaudiofiles.com/a-live-soundmans-handbook-for-small-venues/

UNDERSTANDING LIVE SOUND SYSTEMS:https://www.sharefaith.com/blog/church-sound-systems-part-1/

BEGINNERS GUIDE TO PA: http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/global/en/training_support/selftraining/pa_guide_beginner/band_pa/

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