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Vibration and Noise Control

We undertake a variety of specialized noise and vibration measurements. If the facility being assessed is existing, we can measure the sound and vibration of the equipment directly. Typically measurements are conducted close to the equipment, and at any potentially impacted sound/vibration sensitive neighbors, or at the property line.

If needed for the purposes of establishing the applicable noise and vibration limits, measurements may be conducted of “baseline” conditions with the facility turned off, or prior to construction of the facility.

Predictive Computer Modeling of Noise & Vibration:

When assessments are required for planned facilities, where it is not possible to measure the sound of the equipment directly, predictive computer modeling of the noise and vibration emissions are required.

Manufacturer’s published sound data can be used as input, or we can rely on the wealth of measured sound and vibration data we have on file from past projects involving all types of industrial and commercial equipment and vehicles.

Vibration & Noise Control Measures:

Once we know the overall levels of noise and vibration produced by the facility – either through measurement, computational prediction, or both – we can assess the emissions with respect to the governing limits.

If excesses over the limits are found, we use computational modeling to rank the sources, identify those contributing to the excess, determine the noise or vibration control measures necessary to achieve compliance with the limits, and prepare clear performance specifications for the control measures.


Our deliverable is a clear, concise assessment report, written in plain English. Although some regulatory authorities have elaborate content and formatting requirements for noise and vibration assessment reports, we take pride in crafting written reports that can be understood readily by everyone – not just those with specialized knowledge of noise, vibration and acoustics.

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Project Deliverables: We are able to deliver to you detailed information in spread sheet with calculations, simulations and graphic formats.

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