Apocalypse Acoustics Sciences Corp

Who we are

Apocalypse Acoustics Sciences Corp is a Global acoustical and audio consultancy firm which promises to demystify the science surrounding acoustics, audio and applied sciences.

Right from the passion and intimacy of the minutely precise concert halls to the open and receptive challenges of engrossed audience of the media, good sound is achieved through collaboration of many disciplines with an intense awareness of the fluid boundaries between science and art.

We’ve spent more than a decade of time amidst those boundaries helping people see what they want to feel and hear, so our disposition is to propose and make understand rather than engineer or capture......Threshold of Salvation.

We’re here to help with:

Architectural Acoustics

    • Acoustical Design
    • Acoustical Engineering
    • Acoustical Measurements
    • Acoustical Modeling
    • Building Systems Noise & Vibration Control

Audiovisual Design

    • AV Technology Master Planning
    • AV Infrastructure Planning and Design
    • Audiovisual Systems Design
    • Audiovisual Systems Commissioning
    • Entertainment AV
    • Educational AV
    • Workplace AV
    • Conference Room AV Solutions
    • Acoustical Modeling
    • Digital Signage
    • Media Engineering

Noise and Vibration Control

    • Noise Measurement
    • Noise Mitigation and Isolation
    • Acoustical Modeling
    • Vibration Measurement
    • Vibration Isolation